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  1. As esports grows in popularity, the gaming ecosystem is getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, the esports and gaming environment is still full of toxic comments containing insults and insults. This certainly shows how gamers in general and esports fans in particular are still immature. If they are mature fans, of course the gaming and esports ecosystem in Indonesia will be more positive.

    So, what if we want to create a positive gaming environment? Check out how here.

    1. Understand that everyone's tastes are different

    One of the most frequently found comments on gaming content is comments comparing one game to another. Just comparing is not a problem, but to insult and slander a game that is not even played is an act of childishness and of course toxic. What needs to be understood is that people's tastes are different. Games that you think are not interesting can be very interesting for other gamers.

    When the game is even competed in esports, it means that the game community is large enough to attract professional players and offer tournaments with large prize values. So, there is no need to compare games because everyone's tastes are different.

    2. Understand that being a pro player is tough work

    Another toxic comment that often appears in the gaming and esports ecosystem is comments about individual pro players. Often times these toxic comments target pro players, especially the losing team. In fact, the winning team did not miss the negative comments from the supporters of the losing team.

    This must be stopped immediately because these negative comments can affect the psychology of the pro players. Being a pro player is hard work. Not only competing, they also have to create video content, greet fans via live streaming, train hard, and of course win. However, there are winners and losers called competition. So, losing is a natural thing because the winner of each competition is only one.

    In research in the International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations on 'Identifying Stressors and Coping Strategies of Elite Esports Competitors' by Matthew J Smith and friends in 2019, pro player esports is said to have the same stress level as conventional athletes. The study states that there are 51 stress factors experienced by pro players, including communication problems with teammates to worry when performing in front of a live audience. That's just one problem. So, don't add negative comments on their social media.

    To achieve this, the role of pro players is also needed to socialize to their fans so that they always say good things and don't insult others. Respect for others is easy and it's free!

    3. Stay sportsmanship supporting your favorite team

    Lastly, keep your sportsmanship supported when you support your favorite team that competes. Support in a positive spirit and don't insult the opposing team that you don't support. So, reduce unnecessary comments about the opposing team, unless your comments contain analysis of current or ongoing matches. So, convey support positively and don't insult the other team, OK!

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