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These 2 Mobile Legends (ML) Heroes Only Have One Skin Until Now, Why?



The skin in Mobile Legends (ML) shows that the user is quite interested in this Hero. So what happens if one Hero only has one skin, even then the Normal skin at the beginning, which has become a hallmark of every Mobile Legends release.

The strong reason is because of the Hero's unpopularity. What causes the release of their skins is often delayed even though several surveys have also been seen for the following skins. Yes, the two heroes are Vale and Faramis.



source : Mobile Legends

For Vale itself, it will actually get its second skin in January. But this also cannot be confirmed because it was just news. Even though the leak skin and the gameplay already exist. We will wait for futher news.

But talking about real Vale, besides the skin in January 2021, which is labeled Elite named Kannagi.

It is also reported that Vale will get a skin labeled HERO right after Chou's HERO skin is released. However, the exact date or month is also not known.

source : Mobile Legends

The Vale skin is also an evolution of his Perihelion Wanderer skin, which was originally labeled elite, which had a leak portrait, but never released either.

Even though Vale is quite used, it is not that often which results in Moonton often delaying the release of his skin.


source : Mobile Legends

Vale and Faramis are both free heroes that Moonton gave them for free or through easy quests.

Faramis is also a hero without new skins except for his Normal skin. Even though the survey and portrait of her Elite skin has leaked and is named Ivy Feather. But in fact, it hasn't come out yet.

source : Mobile Legends

The reason may be the same as Vale because of this Hero's low popularity. Compared to other support heroes, Faramis is an underrated Hero who is very rarely seen in Rank.

Even though Faramis' skills are very unique and can be very helpful. However, it tends to be more difficult, especially in using his Ultimate (Cult Altar) which requires good cooperation between teammates.

In fact, it is not uncommon for Faramis to be only used as a Hero Troll when playing, not as a serious Hero.

That's maybe the reason these two heroes haven't gotten a new skin. Even though in the future Vale will get two new skins, namely Kannagi (January 2021) and Hero skin (not yet certain).


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