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Key Changes

This is a maintenance release to fix bugs.

Additional Information


  • Added support for PHP 7.4
  • Added support for [Emoji 12.0](https://emojipedia.org/emoji-12.0/) and [Emoji 12.1](https://emojipedia.org/emoji-12.1/) emojis
  • Removed support for Gfycat embeds due to ongoing unaddressed security concerns on their end.
  • Adjusted advertisement CSS classes to use a dynamic class name.
  • Added a reset to the "upgrade in progress" flag when the upgrader is reached but there are no applications to upgrade.
  • Added caching to the "Who's Online" widget.
  • Improved progress indicator in "Complete My Profile".
  • Improved ElasticSearch error logging.
  • Added an empty alt attribute to reaction images in streams, which validators may flag as invalid HTML.
  • Upgraded CKEditor to 4.13.1.
  • Upgraded PHPUserAgent to 0.15.0, which resolves an issue with detection of the latest Opera browser releases.
  • Updated Firefox & Edge logos on device management pages.
  • Disabled database read/write separation for tasks.
  • Disabled tasks being triggered by AJAX requests.
  • Blew Lindy's mind.
  • Fixed clubs showing up in some places when users did not have permission to access the clubs module.
  • Fixed signature edit field showing for moderators when editing a user when signatures are disabled globally.
  • Fixed an issue with member history logs when a user logs in from a new device but has not completed 2FA (when required).
  • Fixed a javascript error triggered by browser notifications on Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue where users that do not have permission to view Clubs, can still visit content item URL's directly.
  • Fixed display issues with coub.com embeds.
  • Fixed an issue detecting the visitor's country in some cases when using address form inputs.
  • Fixed an issue with dates adjusting incorrectly when crossing over DST threshold in some areas.
  • Fixed an issue using arrows in the editor after an emoji is inserted in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where some items could be missing from the leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue where disabled apps could still attempt to process custom URLs.
  • Fixed an issue paginating in tables when certain special characters were included in the URL.
  • Fixed an issue where cookies set by javascript designed to "stick" would expire in Jan 2020.
  • Fixed AdminCP notification that a member is validating not disappearing if the member is flagged as a spammer rather than banned directly.
  • Fixed SendGrid failing to work when using a dedicated IP pool.
  • Fixed an issue where non-required profile completion steps may not be shown after required steps in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where re-entering the profile completion process after completing it once, but taking an action that requires completion again, may not place you on the correct profile completion step.
  • Fixed javascript errors preventing most javascript from working in IE11.
  • Fixed moderators encountering an error when removing a reaction from a profile status update or status reply made by another user.
  • Fixed an issue where a required profile completion step to supply values for profile fields that do not display on the a user's profile may result in endless loop.
  • Fixed an issue where a user will see an option to skip required profile completion steps, which will just reload the step.
  • Fixed multi-moderation actions so that they redirect back to the page you are currently on.
  • Fixed an issue that can occur when searching by member and changing between result pages.
  • Fixed an issue that caused images to not show properly in poll options.
  • Fixed an issue where sitemaps may show a distant past last modified date for content that doesn't have a valid last modified date.
  • Fixed an issue where animated GIF images may not be properly identified as animated.
  • Fixed an issue where profile photos would not be saved during profile completion if file uploads was the only available option.
  • Fixed an issue rebuilding topic content for areas such as Downloads and Pages that cross post to the forums.
  • Fixed an issue displaying certain locale-specific characters (such as the thousands separator, and the currency symbol) on Windows.
  • Fixes a visual issue on dropdowns in webkit-based browsers.
  • Fixed favicon icon not applying to the AdminCP correctly.
  • Fixed potential broken images when the image filename contained parenthesis characters.
  • Fixed the Safari Mask Icon not working in some server environments.
  • Fixed an issue where using long URL's in an announcement can cause a MySQL error.
  • Fixed an issue using custom WHERE clauses with an external database login handler.
  • Fixed unapproved comments incorrectly being counted on forums where the item has been moved and a link to the item has been left in its place.
  • Fixed an issue embedding Flickr albums in posts.
  • Removed 'nofollow' tag from status updates when member has no other content.


  • Added clarification that a billing address is required for automatic renewals when deleting the primary billing address.
  • Added a currency selector to the subscriptions listing.
  • Adjusted the payment method deletion process to prompt the administrator for confirmation if there are active PayPal Billing Agreements, and to cancel those Billing Agreements prior to deletion.
  • Fixed error approving or voiding transactions which were held for approval which were from a PayPal Billing Agreement.
  • Fixed an issue where the AdminCP notification indicating your PayPal payment gateway is not set up correctly may erroneously trigger.
  • Fixed an issue where custom fields may incorrectly show up when checking out as a guest while quick registration is enabled.
  • Fixed a possible error when applying changes to subscription plans to existing purchases.
  • Fixed an issue where converting a product with a tax to a subscription failed.
  • Fixed invoice title not showing for transactions in Authorize.Net's control panel.
  • Fixed possible error taking Authorize.Net payments
  • Fixed an issue where images from upsold products in the add to cart dialog may not be styled or sized correctly.
  • Fixed transactions using the "Manual (check, bank wire, etc.)" payment method not showing in the list of transactions requiring attention.
  • Fixed an issue where testing settings would just output the card types when using Braintree.
  • Fixed an error during the upgrade when no default currency is set.
  • Fixed an error that occurs when creating or editing a coupon code and unchecking the "No end date" option but not providing an end date.
  • Fixed an issue where profile completion could be triggered during checkout in some circumstances.
  • Fixed possibility of setting up Stripe without a valid webhook.
  • Fixed subscriptions bypassing the payment confirmation screen.
  • Fixed a styling issue with the Member Subscriptions widget.
  • Fixed a styling issue with the "Best Sellers" and "Latest Products" widgets in some cases.
  • Fixed referrals not working when the site is not accessible to guests.
  • Fixed an issue where checking a Braintree webhook URL from the Braintree control panel would report a 500 server error incorrectly.


  • Improved the conversion process when disabling a conversion step that another step required to run first.
  • Added conversion of article tags to vBCMS.
  • Added conversion of extra article categories in vBCMS, extra categories will be converted as tags.
  • Added conversion of meta tag keywords and descriptions when converting records from vBCMS.
  • Reordered some background tasks that run after a conversion is complete to prevent an SQL error during processing.
  • Improved vBulletin 4 conversion to retain user validating status where possible.
  • Improved vBulletin conversions to convert more PMs where they may not have previously been converted (due to parent messages being deleted).
  • Improved URL redirects for some vBulletin URLs including Social Groups, Social Group Discussions & Blog Entries.
  • Fixed an issue where some vBulletin Blog comments may be skipped during conversion.
  • Fixed an exception that can occur if Pages was selected as a conversion, but all options were disabled.
  • Fixed product filters displaying in the store using the "internal" name instead of the "public" name.
  • Fixed IP address information not converting with vBulletin Blog.
  • Fixed certain user preferences not converting with vBulletin 4.
  • Fixed some PHP notices that can occur in vBCMS converter with specific data.
  • Fixed an issue where Gift Card email links may not work correctly when email statistics are enabled.
  • Removed URL redirection for vBCMS records since required data is not available to support this.


  • Fixed an issue where the moderation history link wasn't shown for deleted topics.
  • Fix Safari not scrolling to the reply box when clicking the "Reply to this topic" button at the top of a topic.


  • Fixed REST API documentation showing the wrong endpoints for categories.
  • Fixed sidebar not showing Club content correctly when the "Show Club Content Areas" setting is set to "Throughout the community"


  • Fixed an issue submitting images with capitalized file extensions when movies have maximum allowed filesizes.
  • Fixed multiple issues adding, editing and repositioning image notes.
  • Fixed an incorrect gap between the tabs and reviews/comments while viewing an image.


  • Improved database permission configuration forms to better indicate if a group won't be able to access the database due to page-level permissions.
  • Fixed bullet points using the wrong style (unfilled circle rather than filled circle) in database records.
  • Fixed a (potential) issue moving database records files when adjusting the file storage configuration method for database records.

REST / OAuth

  • Fixed an uncaught exception in the member notifications REST API endpoint when an orphaned piece of content is present.
  • Fixed certain `notificationData` entries returning `NULL` in the member notifications REST API endpoint.
  • Fixed an issue where address lines in REST API calls may be returned as an object instead of an array.

Third-Party / Developer / Designer Mode

  • Fixed an issue using the node form helper when not using `$titleLangPrefix` in the node model, and using apostrophies in a node's title.
  • Advertisements no longer use the .ipsAdvertisement_* class names, and instead use dynamic classnames unique to each community. Themes that restyle advertisements should update their CSS to use `.ips{expression="mb_ucfirst(\IPS\SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY)"}` instead.
  • Adjusted the abstract class definition for `\IPS\Content\Search\Index::hashesWithPermission()` to match the docblock.
  • Fixed an issue where Database table helpers could allow a blank advanced search value in specific situations.
  • Fixed an error using reviews with content items but not containers when post before registering is enabled.
  • Removed an extra parameter being passed to `_comments()` in some cases which could interfer with third party plugins.
  • Removed some unused code in `\IPS\Output::error()`.

What's New in Version 4.4.10   See changelog



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