No Theme Dependancy

Due to our flexible shortcodes and templates, the plugin can be used with any theme out there.


Automated Data Updates

Product information (e.g. pricing) will be updated via Amazon's Product Advertising API automatically.


Amazon Partner Networks

USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico and India.


Tracking ID

The plugin automatically creates affiliate links for you, including your personal tracking id.


Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Developed to be used on desktop pcs, as well as on mobile devices like tables and smartphones.



Product information will be stored locally in order to reduce the number of API requests.


Prepared Templates

The plugin comes along with a variety of well crafted templates: Horizontal or vertical boxes, lists and tables.


Different Styles / Designs

Choose between different styles or customize the plugin's output via CSS.



Don't miss a referral anymore and forward your foreign visitors to their local Amazon store.


Comparison Tables

Compare multiple products with each other by creating a comparison table with our handy table builder.


Placing customizable text links inside your running text by making use of our shortcodes.


Product Boxes

Promote specific products with visually appealing and conversion optimized product boxes.


Bestseller (Lists)

Create automated bestseller lists and set the number of products individually: e.g. Top 3, Top 10 etc.


New Releases (Lists)

Attract your visitor’s attention towards the newest products within a specific product group.


Data Fields

Show individual product information (such as price or buy button) anywhere in your posts / pages.



Make use of our prepared widgets in order to show products inside your sidebar.



Implemented support for delivering data via a HTTPS/SSL secured connection.


Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Implemented support for Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages.


Click Tracking

Implemented support for “Event Tracking” when using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Piwik.


Custom Templates

With our template engine you can customize existing templates as well as creating completely new ones.


Amazon Prime & Extra Commissions

Flagging Amazon Prime articles and increasing your earned commissions when referring new prime memberships.


Sorting and Filtering

With AAWP you can sort and filter generated lists by product title, price and more.


Well Structured Admin Area

Inside your admin area, you define the most important settings and adjust the output of the products.



The plugin is translated into the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.


Developer Friendly

Supporting developers by supplying special functions, PHP templating and WordPress hooks.