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Website Showcase Guidelines


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Website Showcase Guidelines

The purpose of this section is to allow Members to:

  • advertise their website
  • flaunt their design/features for more views
  • seek reviews or critique
  • recruit moderators or other general Staff

You can share sites from a wide variety of platforms such as IPS, vBulletin, XenForo, MyBB, WordPress, etc. Generally, any forum platform and even basic HTML sites.

Only Members and above can create new threads in this forum (you'll need at least five posts).
While you have creative freedom to advertise your website as you desire, we do require you to include some relevant information:

  • Website Link
  • Site Description
  • Number of Members
  • Software Used

ClxCode Staff reserves the right to remove a thread in this forum for any reason at any time. Some of those reasons may include:

  • Incomplete design. We realize that all websites are constantly in a state of being a "work in progress", however, if your website or forum lacks basic design elements such as a theme, logo, favicon, etc... your thread will likely be removed.
  • Site is inaccessible. If your site just brings visitors to a registration page or has an overwhelming majority of its content gated behind premium or restricted areas, your thread will likely be removed. However, if you are recruiting Staff, you must disclose in your advertisement that certain areas are hidden.
  • No content. Sites with empty forums, blogs, or general content will have their threads removed. Adding content is hard work and only sites that have actually done the work will be allowed to maintain a thread in this forum.

Do not submit sites that have similar sections and/or have copied/leeched materials from ClxCode (you will likely be suspended/banned from ClxCode if you do this).

Also keep the following in mind:

  • Please only submit websites that you personally own/run. Do not submit websites for a friend.
  • If your site will be "down" for maintenance for any period of time, please edit your original post with accurate time stamps. Otherwise, all dead links will be removed.
  • Do not "bump" your thread. If you have made updates to your site, please edit your original post.
  • Longstanding, inactive accounts and/or websites will be deleted.


We have a few restrictions on the type of sites that can be advertised here and the style of the advertisements.

  • Do not advertise any site related to pornography, extremism, hacking, or sites similar in nature to ClxCode.
  • When creating your advertisement, please try to avoid obnoxiously large images or flashing lights that would induce a seizure even for non-epileptic people.


If a site has been submitted for review, we welcome all members to review those sites. Keep the following in mind when replying to a submitted site's topic:

  • While negative reviews are acceptable, they should be constructive.
  • Posting something such as "I like it", "Nice site" or "I don't like it" is not acceptable. Take a moment to explain why you like or dislike the site. The reviews can be short but should contain specific things you like or dislike.
  • Sites should not be reviewed by its Staff members.
  • After writing a review, be sure to "rate" the site using the "rate the topic" stars at the top of the page (this is not required but can be helpful). Please do not rate topics unless you have provided a review.
  • Do not ask to become a Staff member at one of the posted sites in these forums. You may do so via private messages only if the thread author consents to it. If you are interested in being considered for a Staff position at one of the sites listed here, please join that site and apply for any open Staff positions there.
  • Do not request a copy of the site's theme, hooks, applications, or other content. This is not a support section.
  • Keep in mind that writing good reviews — whether positive or negative — are one of the ways we will evaluate your membership here at ClxCode.


These guidelines, parameters, and thresholds are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of ClxCode administration.

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